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ibluemyself's Journal

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i blue myself
Welcome to I Blue Myself, the joint graphic community of Emilie (thisisironic) and CJ
(vylentcrymz). Here you'll find icons, larger graphics, the occasional fanmix, and more.
01: Please comment when taking, and remember to credit the right maker.
02: Never hotlink our work, and never modify it unless it's specified as a base.
03: Please don't use these icons anywhere other than LJ or GJ and don't credit yourself.
04: Nominations are very welcome, just leave us a comment telling us you've done so.
about me: Emilie. 25. Washingtonian. Is an old, irony-loving pimp. Wishes that stalking celebrities was a paying job. Is happily in denial about the fact that she'll be 26 in December. Is watching you right now. *breathes heavily*
fandom: living; Heroes. Skins. Battlestar Galactical. Private Practice. The Office (US). Ugly Betty. Friday Night Lights. House. dead; Arrested Development. Freaks and Geeks. Dark Angel. Dead Like Me. Jossverse. Alias.
examples: coming soon.
about me: CJ. 18. English. Has a munchkin voice, a tendency to be a goddess, and enjoys being legendary. Wishes that making icons and writing fanfic was a paying job. Is putting off being an adult until that crazy 21st birthday. Is secretly a superhero. Shh, don't tell.
fandom: living; Heroes. Skins. Supernatural. Private Practice. The Office (US). Weeds. Ugly Betty. Friday Night Lights. House. Bones. dead; Arrested Development. Freaks and Geeks. Dark Angel. Dead Like Me. Wonderfalls. Jossverse. Alias. Roswell.
examples: coming soon.
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Layout codes by minty_peach {found here}
Profile codes by reversescollide {found here}
Header and layout modifications by thisisironic
Userinfo modifications by vylentcrymz
Community name is from Arrested Development 2x01